Do you have a cancellation policy?

Yes, we do. 24-hour notice. Special events such as bridal, prom, etc. require 48-hour notice and a credit card number to hold the reservation at the time of scheduling.

What is the difference between a Maintenance manicure/pedicure and an Ultimate manicure/pedicure?

The Maintenance manicure/pedicure is for those who get regular (e.g., monthly or more often) manicures/pedicures, and prefer to get the Ultimate less frequently or for special occasions. Both the Maintenance and Ultimate include basic nail care and polish. The Maintenance pedicure includes a foot massage and scrub, while the Ultimate pedicure includes a longer foot and leg massage, and also includes an extra mask and a hot towel wrap.

What are gel nails?

Gel nail polish, also called shellac, is a durable, longer lasting nail polish that is more resilient and resists chipping. It is applied similarly to other nail polish, but is quickly cured with a special light.

What is the difference between balayage and ombre?

Ombre is hair coloring that is dark at the roots and gets lighter toward the ends of the hair strands. It is usually two or three colors in combination. Balayage is hand-painted hair color (no foils) that creates a subtle highlighted look to give hair the appearance of having been in the summer sun.

How should I prepare my hair to come in for an updo or special event (for example, for prom or a wedding)?

Wash your hair the night before, apply a little styling product (we recommend Aveda products) and blow it dry.

What do you offer for bridal parties? Timing? Hair? Makeup?

We offer customized bridal hair and makeup services. General pricing information is available on our Services page. Complete information relating to bridal/special event appointments and pricing is available on this PDF.